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Hear What Others Are Saying

The most significant skill I learned from working with KP is self awareness. I gained a true understanding of the perception my team and peers had of me.

With an accurate picture of my strengths and weaknesses, I am now prepared to overcome future challenges. Throughout coaching, I learned to trust my skill set and have confidence in my leadership capabilities.

Alex Pellegrineschi

Senior Research Manager, DuPont Pioneer

Coaching is a unique and personal experience. KP’s approach combines concept teaching, case analysis, and his own executive experience. As a result, I have seen growth in my confidence, skills, competence, and overall capability to lead my organization.

Since I started working with KP, I have made significant improvements in my leadership. I am more confident in setting stretch goals and inspiring my team to achieve them.

Xu Deping

Senior Research Manager, DuPont Pioneer

KP is a fantastic business coach. KP helped me discover the confidence I needed to excel.  Management was thrilled with the velocity of change they witnessed in my work with Coach KP.

Lisa Newman

Senior Research Manager, DuPont Pioneer