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Training Programs and Workshops

I offer customized training and development workshops to fit your organization’s culture and objectives. These comprehensive educational programs are taught in a group setting to encourage in-depth discussions and shared learning.


I employ a variety of learning tools, including: personal and client experiences, case studies, book summaries, and hands-on training to make the workshops relevant and rewarding.

Training and development workshops are a great way for your organization to invest in its people and enhance your bottom line. The workshops are focused on leadership development, supervisory skills, team building, and business acumen.

Kinds of Training I Provide


Leadership Development


Business Acumen Skills


Management Skills


Sales & Marketing


Financial Management


Team Building

Who Should Take My Training Programs and Workshops?

I provide training to companies and organizations of various sizes and from various industries.

Additionally, I also partner with trade groups to provide training to their members.  For example, I provide business-related workshops at conferences.  I can also give live webinars for trade groups as well.

Business development centers, chambers of commerce, and colleges are also ideal candidates.

Why Use KP Persaud as Your Trainer?

The short answer: results.  I want you to walk away from my training not only knowing more but also having applied what you learned in meaningful ways.

I will equip you with practical and actionable information that you can actually use.

Training is extremely valuable, but it has to be done the right way.  I provide customized programs to fit your organization, team, or individual needs.

I’ve also spent over 30 years working at major companies myself.  From technician to general manager to CEO, I have lived the experiences and built several successful companies.

My curriculum and practices are based on both textbook theories and philosophies, as well as proven methodologies I have practiced and experienced myself. I am authentic, passionate, focused, and dedicated to helping my clients be successful.

You can read more about my background here.

Where/How do You Deliver Training?

  • On location at your business/organization.
  • Remotely via live video conferencing.
  • At conferences and trade shows.
  • At retreats.
  • Via live webinars.

Training Programs vs. Workshops

Training Programs


A training program occurs over a longer period of time and goes more in-depth than a workshop.  My training programs are usually provided in-house to a business.  Training programs usually include

*Group sessions during which the material is covered and practiced.

*Outside reading and other materials

*Individual assessments such as the MBTI, DISC, and 360 Degree Feedback.




Workshops cover a narrower subject and usually occur over a 1-3 day period.  Workshops can include participants from various businesses and organizations learning together in the same environment.

Workshops include one or more class sessions during which material is covered and practiced.  They can also include outside reading and other materials, as well as individual assessments such as the MBTI and DISC.

I provide workshops for businesses, chambers of commerce, business development groups, etc.


Examples of My Training Programs

These are examples of commonly requested training programs.

Business Acumen Series

This program teaches business fundamentals, including: financial management, leadership and change management, marketing and sales, and operations. Students will learn how organizations are comprised and how day-to-day activities of various departments work together to impact the company. Employees will gain the knowledge and resources to make smarter decisions and understand the implications of their decisions.  This workshop series will stretch your employees’ skills and leave them with a well-rounded business education.

Sales & Marketing Training

Do you want to grow your business profitably? This training program takes you through five steps on how to use sales and marketing to grow your business profitably.  You’ll learn tips and strategies for making your sales and marketing efforts run like a well-oiled machine.  After this training, you will walk away with a written plan that will help you and your business take action on your own. This plan will lay out your goals and strategies for an entire year.  The plan will also be broken down into 60-day increments. You’ll also learn how to keep track of your progress by implementing and tracking key performance indicators.

Leadership Skills for Managers

Many employees are promoted into leadership roles based on individual expertise and accomplishments, but they lack the ability and knowledge to direct and lead teams. This program explores this transformation from individual contributor to successful leader. The workshop focuses on four key areas of effective leadership: personal leadership, effective execution, performance management, and building a win-win culture.  Leaders will learn how to become influential individuals and to engage, empower, and motivate employees to achieve greater results.


Building Winning Teams

How well do your employees work together? Do you simply have collections of individuals or do you have teams? There’s a big difference.  If your employees don’t work collaboratively, your business will never be as productive or efficient as it could be.  The trick is to develop synergy.  That’s what this program is all about.  It helps individuals understand their own preferences through the Myers Briggs Personality Test (MBTI).  The program also assesses how well teams perform collectively.  You’ll also learn strategies to boost inter-personal skills, improve team dynamics, manage conflict, and enhance social/emotional intelligence.


Examples of Workshops

Here are examples of workshops I routinely give.


Six Steps to Building a Better Business


Industrial Markets, Marketing & Sales


How to Master Cash Flow


Growing Your Business Profitably


Becoming a Person of Influence


Financial Mastery


Supply Chain Management


Leadership & Change Management

Custom-Built Training Programs and Workshops

The programs and workshops listed here are the most popular ones I provide.  If there is a particular type of training you are looking for but do not see listed, please contact me.  I routinely develop training programs at the request of companies.  I’d be happy to discuss how I can do the same for you.

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