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Make your next retreat a high-impact event.  I can help your organization put on a retreat that is engaging, collaborative, and focused on your most critical goals.

Retreats for Companies and Organizations

Whether it’s a single-day or multi-day event, I can make your next retreat a success.  I work with companies and organizations of all sizes and types.  My goal is to help you put on the best retreat possible–and one that has lasting impact.


Option #1: Strategic Planning Retreat

Many organizations plan and develop long-term strategies but fail to execute and measure their success.  The Strategic Planning Retreat is a group planning process designed to help leaders bring focus and clarity to the direction of their organizations.

Together, we will examine where you are and where you want to go. I will help you develop both short and long-term strategies to align your vision, mission, and culture. We will conduct a SWOT analysis to determine what your core competencies are and whether you have the power to carry out your vision. We will put resources, metrics, and energy behind your vision!

Get in touch with me and we’ll discuss the many options at your disposal.


Option #2: Team-Building Retreat: Growing Your Team’s Collaborative Intelligence

Work is complex.  Many times, it’s too challenging for one individual to produce successful outcomes. Organizations use teams to combine specialized knowledge and individual strengths. Teams function in all spaces and levels within an organization. This interdependence requires team effectiveness to be a critical component of success.

Natural and creative intelligence are individual traits that are brought to a team automatically. Emotional and social intelligence determine how a team interacts, also known as collaborative intelligence. Collaborative intelligence must be built. The Team Building Retreat is designed to help teams become their best.

During the retreat, we will focus on:

  • Understanding personality differences
  • Conflict management
  • Team identity and goals
  • Building trust
  • Team accountability
  • Social/emotional intelligence assessments
  • Building a result oriented culture
  • Effective team leadership


Option #3: Choose Your Own Topic and Theme

In addition to the above options, I can also create a retreat specially designed for you.  For example, your organization might be facing a unique challenge or undergoing a change.  Whatever your needs are, I can work with you to create the right retreat for you.

Together, we can develop events and curriculum based on your goals. You can request that specific sessions and activities be incorporated into the retreat.  For example, your retreat could include training sessions on specific topics, team building exercises, personality assessments (e.g., Myers-Briggs), strategic planning, and so on.

Contact me and we’ll discuss the many options at your disposal.