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Ready to improve your business?

I spent 30 years working at major companies.  Now, I help owners and executives increase profitability, boost efficiency, manage employees, and get more done.
My mission is to empower business owners and executives to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Business Coaching

I provide 1-to-1 and group coaching to business owners and executives. Learn how my coaching program can significantly improve your business.

Workshops & Training

From in-house sessions to weekend retreats, I deliver workshops and other group training specially tailored to your needs.

Geography is No Barrier

No matter where you live, I can serve you. Using today’s technology, I offer live services to clients nationwide and around the world.

Coaching for Business Owners

Take your business to new heights. I’ll help.

A trusted advisor to work on your business with you

I want you to have the best experience possible.  Here are a few things I can help you accomplish.

Dominate Your Finances

Are money woes keeping you up at night? Riding the ups and downs of monthly cash flow? I’ll give you a proven and reliable system to maximize your funds–and give you peace of mind.

Grow Your Business

Feel like your business is stuck? Don’t keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.  I’ll help you execute a profitable and healthy growth strategy.

Free Up Your Time

Master how you spend time and you’ll see huge dividends.  I’ll show you how to leverage your time to get the maximum benefit. Get out of the busy trap while getting more done.

Business Executive Coaching

Unleash the power of your company’s executives and top employees.

Executive Coaching Program:

Maximize the performance of your executives and top employees.

Peak Performance

I teach executives how to become peak performers at everything they do.  As a result, they’re more satisfied and productive,

Organizational Alignment

I work to get everyone behind your company’s mission and goals.  By achieving full alignment, your company can reach new milestones.


I routinely get executives to collaborate and not just focus on their own endeavors. I can help spark the collective momentum necessary for big gains.

Proven Results

I’ve helped businesses of all sizes achieve success.

MattGreiner-150x150KP has been coaching me directly and working with my business now for about three years. Our growth in financials, business acumen and professionalism has been astounding. His story is a true inspiration. He has an amazing wealth of knowledge and has truly been a mentor to me and my staff. The decision to engage in business coaching and to work on your business versus in it is a decision to invest in your business as well as yourself. And like any good investment, the returns make it very worthwhile. KP brings stability to otherwise stressful environments.  He brings wisdom to irrational situations and provides inspiration which helps to keep up my aspirations.

Matt Greiner, President, Greiner Buildings

Hear What Others Are Saying
My colleagues have noticed an increase in confidence and clarity in my leadership.  The confidence has prepared me for larger challenges both personally and professionally.
James Janni

Senior Research Manager, DuPont Pioneer

KP has helped us to understand cash flow and how to position our company in the market for future success. He has been successful in giving my brothers and me confidence and support in the leadership area.

I would recommend KP as a business coach to anyone that is determined to move their business to the next level. KP would undoubtedly help them succeed.

Jeremy Berardi

Owner, CFI Tire Service

KP is a fantastic business coach. KP helped me discover the confidence I needed to excel.  Management was thrilled with the velocity of change they witnessed in my work with Coach KP.
Lisa Newman

Senior Research Manager, DuPont Pioneer

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