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Keynote speeches, conference presentations, and more.



Book me as a speaker for your next event.

Speaking Engagements

Do you have an upcoming event before a live audience? I serve as a keynote speaker, panelist, and moderator for events large and small.  Contact me today and tell me about your event.


Conference Presentations and Workshops

Trade groups and other organizations routinely hire me to provide presentations and workshops for their members.  Recent examples include:

  • Six Steps to Building a Better Business
  • Industrial Markets, Marketing & Sales
  • Growing Your Business Profitably
  • Becoming a Person of Influence
  • Financial Mastery
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Leadership and Change Management

You have the option of choosing one of the above topics or I will create a new one based entirely on your needs.  I regularly speak about personal leadership, business growth strategies, improving business processes, strategic planning, evaluating sales & marketing efforts, managing cash flow, human resources, talent acquisition and development, time management, productivity and more.



For more information on retreats, please visit my retreats page.