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Develop your company's top talent while getting them fully behind your mission.


I help executives and other top employees enhance their performance and become greater assets for their company.


I can custom build a program that fits your company’s particular needs. I provide two types of executive coaching.  You can choose one or both for your program.


1-on-1 executive coaching is designed for senior managers and executives. We will focus on critical areas including: leadership, team dynamics, building a strategic organization, change management, and emotional/social intelligence. Through assessments, evaluations and feedback we will identify the ‘gaps’ in your skill set and develop an action plan for improvement.

Together we will build a trusting and constructive relationship, and I promise I will challenge, push, and hold you accountable. We will explore all aspects of leadership: from character issues to businesses acumen competences. You will learn new behaviors and attitudes, which allow you to enhance your potential and achieve even greater results.

“Team Smart”

I work with team leaders to help them understand their role as leaders and overcome absence of trust, fear of conflict, and lack of commitment and cohesion. A team does not “gel” by itself, you have to work at it.

We will explore personality types and preferences to understand how people interact and communicate. Through team building activities and conflict resolution exercises we will create synergistic teams capable of working together to achieve common goals.

Who is an ideal candidate for executive coaching? 

  • High potential candidates and next level succession.
  • Recently promoted executives.
  • Executives who are eager to learn – to challenge themselves and stretch their capabilities.
  • Organizations that need help with growth challenges and/or facilitating change initiatives.
  • Organizations wanting to move from “meeting expectations” to excellence in their category.
  • Organizations struggling to execute and deliver results.


What are the benefits? 

  • Behavioral changes that will result in improved business metrics.
  • Self-awareness: understanding leadership characteristics and competencies and where your leadership gaps exist.
  • Development into a person of influence with the ability to engage, empower, and motivate teams.
  • Effectively lead and coach employees through change and professional growth.
  • Organizational direction with strategies in alignment with all stakeholders.Mastering business acumen skills: operations, sales/marketing, and finance.

Hear What Others Are Saying

The most significant skill I learned from working with KP is self awareness. I gained a true understanding of the perception my team and peers had of me.

With an accurate picture of my strengths and weaknesses, I am now prepared to overcome future challenges. Throughout coaching, I learned to trust my skill set and have confidence in my leadership capabilities.

Alex Pellegrineschi

Senior Research Manager, DuPont Pioneer

Coaching is a unique and personal experience. KP’s approach combines concept teaching, case analysis, and his own executive experience. As a result, I have seen growth in my confidence, skills, competence, and overall capability to lead my organization.

Since I started working with KP, I have made significant improvements in my leadership. I am more confident in setting stretch goals and inspiring my team to achieve them.

Xu Deping

Senior Research Manager, DuPont Pioneer

KP is a fantastic business coach. KP helped me discover the confidence I needed to excel.  Management was thrilled with the velocity of change they witnessed in my work with Coach KP.

Lisa Newman

Senior Research Manager, DuPont Pioneer



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